Wooddale Windows specializes in the restoration of original wood windows to preserve and upgrade unusual sizes and designs from years past. The level of expertise that Wooddale brings to this trade is derived from more than 35 years of experience in the great Northwest.

The core level of experience is derived from the founder and owner who moved to Oregon in 1977. The introduction to wood window restoration began as an apprentice position for a local wood window union that provided Wooddale with the ability to learn a unique craft from highly experienced “old guys.” As the years have passed, Wooddale has now become the highly experienced “old guy” in the business.

Wooddale Windows was born in response to many close family members and friends continuously requesting Wooddale to perform work for their homes. In 1994, Wooddale Windows began in a single car garage and after five years of continuous growth Wooddale Windows moved to historical Oregon City. After 15 years of continual growth Wooddale has recently moved to their current location in North East Portland

The work that Wooddale windows has performed ranges in age from 1847 to 1980 and from Craftsman style homes to historical landmarks. Please review some of the work Wooddale has highlighted in the photo galleries and review the contact information to set up an estimate.